Mahale National Park

“Dreams come true. Without that possibility nature would not incite us to have them.”- John Updike.

Mahale National Park is a flourishing paradise waiting to be explored. It offers a unique combination of forests, mountains and lakes and supports an amazingly diverse range of fauna. Leopard, warthog, giant squirrel, brush tailed porcupines along with at least nine species of primates are just some of the larger mammals to be found here. The abundant birdlife includes the Crowned Eagle, Scaly Francolin, Crested Guinea Fowl, Ross’ Turaco and the globally threatened, endemic Nkungwe Apalis. Commercial fishing is prohibited along the park’s shoreline which affords protection to some 350 known fish species to be found in the lake.

Mahale National Park lies 120 km south of Kigoma and is 1,613 sq km in size with its landscape dominated by Nkungwe peak (2,462m above sea level). With 14 different vegetation zones ranging from the lakeshore to Nkungwe summit, this is one of Tanzania’s most diverse and dramatically distinctive national parks.

There are over 1000 Chimpanzees in Mahale and the ‘Mimikere’ community of about 70 individuals live in the territory surrounding our camp. This group has been studied by members of Kyoto University of Japan since 1965 and as a result the Chimpanzees are accustomed to the presence of humans. This makes any encounter both unforgettable as well as exhilarating.

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